Pie Shops in Indiana

Mom’s Homemade Pies is one of the few pie shops in Indiana that makes

it’s pie crust by hand. No mixer is ever used at any stage of crust production.

Why is this important? The use of mixers commonly “overworks” the dough

producing a pie crust that is more hard and not tender and flakey as a homemade

pie should be. Of course there are “other factors” that also affect the tenderness,

flakiness, and taste of the pie crust and we pay very close attention to those as well.

It all adds up to a high quality old fashion country pie that tastes great and makes people happy.

I see other pies shops say they have the best pies, but who really determines where the best pies are? …

I think it’s YOU the customer. Go take a look at what some of you are saying –

click here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Moms-Homemade-Pies/151711854868753

Until next time may our pies bring you many delicious moments. Dave

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    • Tamra Burnette Harrington

      Love your pies!

    • Fdp60

      these pies are the BEST!!!!!