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Mom’s Homemade Pies  are located at:

3700B South LaFountain St.

Kokomo, IN. 46902

Phone:  765-453-4417

Hours:    10:00am to 6:00pm Mon. – Sat.   Closed Sun.

  • melissa

    I would like to know if you are still hiring. I saw a sign in the window last week.

    Melissa Safford

    • The sign is still up, we probably will continue to accept applications the rest of the year.
      We aren’t sure when the next hiring will happen you’ll just have to come in and apply.
      thanks, Dave

  • Kyouri Kai

    Just picked up our first pie from the local market in Hartford City. While the pie is a bit pricey, you get what you pay for – the 33oz, take-home-and-bake Chicken Pot Pie was delicious! Will definitely be buying more, as well as trying some of the sweet pies.

  • judith

    Best pies ever, even the sugar free are wonderful

  • Elipso

    Do you ship to addresses in Kokomo?

    • Well we haven’t started shipping pies yet, however when we do start shipping the charges to a Kokomo address wouldn’t be worth it.

  • Thanks for adding the menu

    • Evvy, It’s funny “Varieties of Pies” tab on our site has served as our menu since day one when we started the pie shop 4 years ago but at the same time we created “Pie Menu” tab and never put anything in it because we had our complete menu under the tab “Varieties of Pies” tab. However since you wrote and mentioned still waiting for the pie menu alerted me that we should just “delete” the “Pie Menu” tab and everything will be as it should be, so we did it. thanks for pointing that out and also this spring we plan to do a page of our distributors who sell our pie throughout central-north central Indiana. You can look forward to logos of each store with links to their website with their address so you can find where they are. thanks again, Dave

  • booberry

    East not easy…

  • booberry

    I live easy of Indy do you ship? Needing pies for Christmas presents per their request.

    • Not shipping yet however we do have distribution there in Indianapolis. Kincaid’s Meats on 56th street and Illinois street carries our pies. Good selection.

  • Bonnie S Corbett

    Is this an Amish Bakery? Do you make Angelfood cakes?

    • No, We are just an old fashioned pie bakery. We make our pies from scratch the way my Mom and Grandma used to. Currently we make pies,cheesecakes, and cookies. Sorry no cakes.

      • Alley Martin

        I just moved back to Kokomo, I don’t live that far from your shop. This is a must try

      • Bonnie S Corbett


  • Dona Hope East

    Do you ship? I live in Indy.

    • dave228

      We plan to ship sometime later this year however we already have distribution in Indy, it may be more practical
      and economical for you. One location in Indy is Kincaids Meats located at 56th Street and Illinois Street.
      Another location will also be available in Indy soon.

  • Saphyrkat

    I just wanted to say, that I sent my kids down last month to buy a ‘cream pie,’ and instead they bought a ‘strawberry-rubarb pie.’ It was delicious!! So from now on instead of getting a pie for the holidays’ from any of the local supermarkets, we’re going to get ours from your place! 🙂

  • Tammy (Tygart) Poole

    Hi Dave, My husband moved here from Australia and is missing sausage rolls and meat pies. He took me to Australia in August/Sept. and the meat pies were small like our pot pies and dripless. They had some with meat only, some had veges and various other things added. The sausage rolls to me were the best. Anyway he has been wanting to come down there and ask if you make anything like that or would? Please let me know.

    • Yes we do have meat pies – currently we make chicken pot pies and turkey pot pies. They are not the little ones, they are 9 inch family size. The chicken pie is super It is a homemade pie from scratch with lots of chicken and mixed vegetables and the gravy really tops it off. The pot pies are our own exclusive recipe. We’ll see you soon. Dave

  • that is beautifull from south africa feel like to eat the hole day pies and a cup of tea 

  • I look forward to sharing with you again Dave.  Enjoy your day.

  • I look forward to sharing with you again…

  • Careyandsue

    I bought 2 pies this morning before you were ready to open.  I needed them for a funeral dinner at church.  I appreciate the courtesy that you extended by selling me the pies when you were not yet open for business.  EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • Laurie

    My husband bought one of your Peanut Butter Meringue Pies from Wilson’s Farm Market on US 31. Wow, that was the absolute best pie crust we have ever tasted and the pie was light and delicious!! We’ll be buying another one the next time we have the family over. Yum!

  • Rox

    Nice talking with you tonite Dave, and thanx for allowing me to check out your Lovely Mom’s Homemade Pies site-I’m sure your Pies are as Good as your site is great.  Personally I Like Peach Pie w/ Cream, or Cherry, or Lemon Meringue, and of course Pecan.  It seems I read somewhere, about Pie Crust-and Wowee, do I ever Love Blue Ribbon Pie Crust.  The only thing I like in Apple is Cobbler, of which I remember, from School Lunch.

    Rox, here in Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557 9:54 PM MST – mcbikergear.com

  • Asettles50

    Just finished a choclate pie! What a treat. Mom’s has the best pie’s for sure. Haven’t found any pie’s better anywhere! Allen S. from Noblesville

  • Roger Hany

    Last evening at our church small group Allen and Larysa Settles brought a couple pies from you. I tried a small piece each and they were both delicious. (Strawberry-Rhubarb and sugar cream). I look forward to seeing you at the Noblesville Farmers Market when it starts up this year.
    Thank you,
    Roger Hany

  • C Buckley

    Had your Cherry Pie and oh my.  You actually double the amount of cherries that go into the absolutely wonderful delicious cherry pie.  Next trip I am buying a peach pie.  I imagine it will just as yummy as the cherry pie.  Wake up Kokomo there is a great pie shop on the southside of Kokomo.  It is close to where Dad’s deli used to be.

  • Viperjim

    Great selection of homemade pies……the best part is the crust, fantastic tasting crust best in the country that I have found. Hard to go back to the pies at the supermarkets once you experienced Moms homemade pies. These people have a winning combination. Wish they sold by the piece with a cup of hot coffee. I’d make it my pit stop ever chance I get.

  • Paula Clark

    How much to ship a lemon cream pie to a Michigan location?

  • Auntiemscafe

    Just had your Sugar Cream Pie… Delicious… Ready for another.

  • Hi Dave,
    Saw your article last month in the newspaper-Marilyn sent it to me! Sweet. Good publicity! Great pies…. my mouth is watering for one of those sugar cream pies….ever thought of opening a branch here in TN?

  • Wow! Your shop looks really, really nice! I love the country look, the pickett fence and the shake mini roof…nice touch.